JoGé Services offers the following services.


Packing of all kinds of flowers 

We also can prepare your flowers in different ways.

Building of trolleys and pallets

At this service we pick up your flowers or plants at the auction, and we will build them for transportation conform your demands. This service combines perfectly with the packing of flowers. When you have less space than flowers we can always pack the flowers. Because we have a dock shelter at our place, it is very easy to load your truck(s).

Unpacking of import flowers

van den Berg verwerkingslijn

The original activity of JoGé was unpacking of import flowers. For this service we own a flower processing machine of van den Berg. On this machine we can slice your flowers to an different length, and binds the flowers again if needed.

This service is not available during the weekends.



Transportation from your location on the auction to JoGé

At all services we provide transportation. Therefore we have a truck, which can load 14 auction trolleys, and a minivan for speed deliveries. Depending on the made price deals, we charge a financial compensation for this service. We don't have a license for transportation different than the auction or our own place.

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